Examining a Digital Landscape

Illustration by Sophia

Examining a Digital Landscape

By Bryce C.

In this piece I see a long path of trees and the trees and many light spirals lining the gaps between each of the trees. There is also a long path of leaves connecting across the tree tops.

In this piece I see a focus towards the very end of the path, but the lights create a nice balance to the focus so no part of the piece goes unnoticed.

I can not tell if there is a defined message with this piece because it is not really clear, and there aren’t any items in the piece that would let on where this would take place besides a forest.

This piece looks very aesthetically pleasing and simplistic, and the lights from the spirals and and dots create very nice effects with the trees and the path. The textures in the leaves and tree might not look like meaningful strokes but they still successfully portray the effect of leaves. In future pieces, could you add a more clear point of focus and a message that can be more easily taken away from your art?

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