Earth Art

For the month of November, you will be creating a series of landscape art installations and photographing them.

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculpture who creates temporary site-specific installations using natural elements. He photographs his land art/landscape art as part of his creative process. See examples of this work below.

After spending some time finding natural objects like rocks, branches, twigs, leaves, grass, etc. Assemble your objects into a visually pleasing arrangement. They do not need to be large in scale like Andy Goldsworthy’s work, but they should have some sort of notable form to them. See simple kid-made examples below the artist gallery. You may complete more or less installations than other students. I’m looking for attention to detail, a visual design, experimentation with this media (nature), creativity, and quality photo documentation.

A set of photos of each installation will be required. Take a close-up and wide-shot (surrounding environmental details). If you pass your installation later in the day, take a photo of its current state (gone, being messed with, someone looking at it, in disarray, etc.). Take your time when composing your images.

Artist: Andy Goldsworthy

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