Make Something For Someone

Create something original that you can gift to an adult (e.g. parent, aunty/uncle, grandparent, teacher, coach) in your life that you would like to show your appreciation. You must select the person you are making something original for before you begin creating. A small note should be attached to the gift before giving it to the person you selected.

Journal project ideas:

  • art for a hand-made card
  • 2020 calendar
  • portrait of the person
  • drawing of their favorite thing(s)
  • collage postcard they can use
  • cover art to a unique playlist of songs you selected for them
  • icon/text art printed on adhesive paper
  • design for t-shirt print (must provide your own t-shirt and transfer, simple design can be printed in class with limited stock on hand)
  • dreamcatcher

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